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Veterans' Interfaith For Cards Workgroup Vets - Id

Everyone, at some point in life, reaches a point where they have to prove their identity. An identification card would come in handy in cases like this. Creation and maintenance of I.D. cards is just one more thing that the California DMV is responsible for.

People of any age are able to apply for a state I.D. card at the DMV. The card looks similar to a driver's license.

To apply for an ID card you will need to do the following:

  • Visit a DMV office (make an appointment for faster service)
  • Complete application form DL 44 (An original DL 44 form must be submitted. Copies will not be accepted.)
  • Give a thumb print
  • Have your picture taken
  • Provide your SSN. It will be verified with the Social Security Administration while you are in the office.
  • Verify your birth date and legal presence (you may use your California driver license)
  • Pay the $21 application fee. There is no fee for a senior citizen ID card.

There are certain procedures you need to follow if you must renew or replace your I.D. card. For more information on official policies, please visit the DMV Website here.

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Military veterans get discounts on purchases at a number of stores in Delaware. To qualify vets need to provide proof of having served with an honorable discharge. Showing a DD-214 suffices....ID Cards for Vets - Interfaith Veterans' Workgroup